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While the majority of previous titles featured four playable characters, Final Fantasy VII features three, which became the standard in following games. Though many of the status effects are borrowed from status effects from previous titles, the Barrier and MBarrier (known in other games as Protect and Shell) have a limited use visualized by a gauge, which, like the main ATB gauge, can be sped up using Haste and slowed down using Slow.

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You do realize what mako is, don't you? Mako is the lifeblood of our world. The planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red. The hell you think's gonna happen when it's all gone, huh!? Answer me! You gonna stand there and pretend you can't hear the planet crying out in pain? I know you can! ^

Nomura later stated in July 2020 that the intent was to produce a higher quality game than its predecessor, while also ensuring it was released "as quickly as possible".[23] In regards to the technical improvements made in Remake's enhanced 2021 port, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Nomura noted that while environmental effects such as fog were added to the port in order to, "further enhance the sense of realism and immersion in the world", he advised fans to wait for future entries that would take proper advantage of the PS5's hardware and features in both gameplay and graphics.

[22] Nomura helped create the basic story, and the team came up with the characters during that time. He cites Barret and Cait Sith as two characters he had wanted to create for a long time, but everyone else was created during the writing of the story.[22]

Once the XIII series ended, the team was free to pursue other projects.[22] Kitase claims that since XIII, he had been asked multiple times about developing this game. Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi was originally just a fan of the game so he was glad about his inclusion into the core development team.[23]

Cosmo Canyon is a center of study on the planet and its Lifestream, and Aeris speaks with the elders and deduces Sephiroth is not an Ancient, and that she is the only Cetra left.

Once a Limit gauge fills, the Attack command is replaced with "Limit", and a character has access to one of their specific Limit abilities (depending on their current Limit level and unlocked Limit abilities). Unlike the battle abilities provided by Materia, each Limit is character-specific with unique effects varying from dealing physical or magical damage to providing healing and buffs, which factor in different stats.

Available final fantasy 7 rebirth both digitally and physically. The physical version comes across two discs and includes a reversible cover.

The harvesting of Mako energy has made the area around Midgar a barren wasteland habited by monsters where flowers rarely grow. Characters[]

Yuffie Kisaragi, first encountered as the Mystery Ninja, can be randomly encountered in any forest. A self-professed Materia hunter, she is sneaky and playful, and "hunts" Materia to restore her home of Wutai to its former glory.

We think you’ll agree it’s a tantalizing taste of what you’ll get to experience when the game releases. As for when that will be, we can tell you that FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH will launch in early 2024 digitally and physically for PS5.

During the promotion of Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020), Square Enix confirmed that the game would not cover the original's complete story, but rather act as a standalone first game in "a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience".[15] Game director Tetsuya Nomura cited a "massive undertaking to reconstruct Final Fantasy VII from the ground up with the current technology", in regards to why a remake was not possible for some time. He went on to elaborate, that fully remaking FFVII's content in a single installment would necessitate cutting various elements of the original game to suit the target hardware and gameplay design, by which point a remake of the game would be considered pointless.

Whether humanity is truly an important part of the ecosystem is contemplated when Bugenhagen reveals to the party the planet's Ultimate White Magic spell can wipe out anything the planet deems a danger, putting mankind's future in peril seeing as they have been exploiting the world's nature reserves wantonly.

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